Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marketing Your Massage Business

Marketing Your Business:
        What is the number one reason people are afraid to market
              Rejection. No one wants to talk about rejection.

Marketing is putting yourself on the line and asking someone to take up your offer.
There is a difference between personal rejection and business rejection. The following is geared toward Massage Establishments but can be applied to other business'. 

Other reasons people are afraid to market:  Shy, too many rejections, past rejections lingering in the mind.     

Why do some people choose not to get a massage:

 A bad experience can impact someone for the rest of their lives. Gain their trust. Reintroduce them to your awesome product or business.
Fear of the unknown, undressing, being vulnerable, body image fears
Money  plays a major factor in our business.  Our services are to be valued. If you have a sliding scale, a client might not be comfortable mentioning their economic situation. Try to initiate conversation leading the sliding scale fee. Offer discounts or sales.
Time can put constraints on someone’s ability to make an appointment. If they don’t have their calendar, people do not usually book as they don’t want to overbook themselves. Schedule an appointment and ask them to call you if that appointment does not work and to reschedule.  Or ask them if it’s ok to follow up in a week.
Misinformation- take this opportunity to educate.

How can you make your business experiences more productive?
Detach yourself from the outcome. We can only attempt to inform and convince but a potential client needs to make their own choice. It is out our hands.

Find the mental strength to have the ability to ask someone if they are interested in your business or product.  You then have the choice to let that rejection  get to you, tear down your self esteem and have a bad day OR take it as a simple rejection .

Your time spent marketing is NEVER wasted. You never know what seeds you have planted. Someone may come to see you a year later. They may refer someone else to you.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Networking - You gotta do it!

Networking- If you're in business you gotta do it.

Networking is invaluable to your success.  My business was only a few weeks old when I walked into my first networking meeting. I was scared and timid. but nobody would sense it.  I gave myself a self talk from the car to the meeting room, held my head high and walked in the room like I was somebody famous!  I love to act! I consoled myself with the thought that  if this business failed, I would go into acting.

 How do you make networking profitable and enjoyable?
Find one or two groups that you are comfortable with. Network effectively. Plan what you want to accomplish, whether it's to promote a sale, connect with certain people, or hand out flyers.  Remember it gets easier each time you attend.   

Most first impressions are made within the first five minutes of meeting someone.Here's an introduction skit that my Massage Therapist friend, Eric Leeds and I did at a networking meeting. Since we're both massage therapists and  from New York; he's from Brooklyn, I'm from the Bronx, we came up with this unique 30 second New York style intro for a new network group we attended together. 30 secs is the usual time limit in most meetings.

Nina -Ey, how ya doin? Me and Eric here, see we grew up in New York City so we're gonna do our intro NYC style.  You got a problem with that Eric? 

ERIC- naw I don't have a problem with that. So I'm Eric with Eric's Massage Therapy in Humble

NINA- I'm Nina with Body Logic Massage in Atascocita.

ERIC- If you know what's good for you come see us. Don't make me call my Cousin Vito. We'll rub you out but not in a bad way – You know what I'm talking about?

NINA- You got a problem with stress or pain-we're gonna take care of it for ya- forget about it.

ERIC-We do Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue, Reflexology,sports massage and ear candling.

NINA- What? You'se guys never heard of Ear Candling? Whatsa matter wit you? You got allergies or sinus problems – that candling can eliminate some of that discomfort.  Check it out on the website at

ERIC-  eh, We got the whole neighborhood covered. So give us a call, Capice?

NINA- And don't be thinking we took too much time. We got two of us here @ 30 seconds each.

NINA -I'm Nina with Body Logic Massage

ERIC- And I'm Eric with Eric's Massage

Monday, April 6, 2015

Feet & Reflexology

Ahh, a foot massage! I love getting my feet massaged. I love a good reflexology session. Some people think that a foot massage and a reflexology treatment is the same, but it is not. Reflexology is an alternative science that uses the reflex points in the feet. These points correspond to the organs in our body. 
One time, I had an aggravating pain and stiffness in my neck. A reflexologist that I had just met, convinced me to come see her.  I was leery of this modality, but my massage therapist didn't have any availability for appointments till the following week.   Within twenty minutes, my neck cracked and I was relieved of all pain!
I always include reflexology when I am massaging a client. You can tell me that your neck hurts, but the feet will tell me where the root of your problem lies!
Reflexology is not new.  It dates back thousands of years and has a history in India, Egypt, China and Native American cultures.  Here's a simple foot massage you can try on yourself or someone that will help start your reflexology treatment.  
 You say you're ticklish?  You say, "No one's going to touch my feet! "   I said the same thing.  As long as firm pressure is used, you will be fine.  I will post about reflex points later.  

  1. Rub the foot with a small amount of oil or lotion. A little peppermint or Lavender oil won't hurt if you have some. Peppermint refreshes. Lavender calms.
  2. With your thumbs, stroke top of foot from the ankle to the toes. 
  1. Stoke and pull each toe.
  2. With you fist, press with firm pressure at the heel to the toes.
  1. Stretch the foot forward then up toward the knee. Grasp the ankle with both hands.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Relieve sinus/allergy discomfort with Ear Candling

Using Ear Candling and Accupressure to help relieve sinus/allergy discomfort 

Candling is a natural ear cleaning technique that began centuries ago.  It dates back to biblical times when hollow reeds from swamp areas were used.  Because the process works, candling has been passed down for many generations and is practiced around the world. 

WHAT IS EAR CANDLING?   Candling is a simple, effective remedy for removing excess wax,  residuals of past infections, or ear mites.  It may improve any of the following conditions; sinus problems, sore throat, ear ache, swimmer's ear, some chronic headaches, allergies, and hearing difficulty.

I always use acupressure on the sinus cavity when doing an Ear Candling. This is like a mini massage on the head, neck, face and shoulders. This helps facilitate the process and is very relaxing. 

My dad never asked me for anything except the times when I flew to New York to see my parents. He'd ask be to bring the ear candles.  Wax buildup in the elderly is common which causes some hearing loss.
     "Don't tell your mom.  I don't want her to know I can hear her!"

     My dad also liked to get a candling before his hearing tests at the doctor to get a more accurate diagnosis.
     So whether your suffering from sinus or allergies or excessive wax buildup, think about ear candling.  For more info check out 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Drum Circle Therapy

The first thing I noticed when I awoke this morning, was the silence of the rain pounding against the house. Finally, a cloudy but rainless day! It's been raining for weeks in this Houston town but it's better than the snowy days they are getting in my hometown of New York.

Perfect day for a drum circle.  I headed out to Old Town Spring, a quaint town lined with unique boutiques, antiques, foods from other countries and much more. The Thunder Drum Circle met in the courtyard of an old New England style home turned into a gem and jewelry shop. People of all walks of life, faith, and lifestyles gather together to blend beats to drums and percussion instruments, to dance uninhibited, letting go of their struggles, thoughts and stress. Beats going to a psychologist! No pun intended! No drumming experience needed.

It always amazes me that all these different people can come together in unity and connect with each other through the beats of their instruments. Sometimes I get lost in the space this event conjures up.

If you're stressed out, or need to get away, or need to smile and have fun, let me suggest that you find a local community drum circle. Experience it. Let me know how it went.

Houston drum circle:
Check your local  groups  or Facebook for drum circles in your area.