Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Relieve sinus/allergy discomfort with Ear Candling

Using Ear Candling and Accupressure to help relieve sinus/allergy discomfort 

Candling is a natural ear cleaning technique that began centuries ago.  It dates back to biblical times when hollow reeds from swamp areas were used.  Because the process works, candling has been passed down for many generations and is practiced around the world. 

WHAT IS EAR CANDLING?   Candling is a simple, effective remedy for removing excess wax,  residuals of past infections, or ear mites.  It may improve any of the following conditions; sinus problems, sore throat, ear ache, swimmer's ear, some chronic headaches, allergies, and hearing difficulty.

I always use acupressure on the sinus cavity when doing an Ear Candling. This is like a mini massage on the head, neck, face and shoulders. This helps facilitate the process and is very relaxing. 

My dad never asked me for anything except the times when I flew to New York to see my parents. He'd ask be to bring the ear candles.  Wax buildup in the elderly is common which causes some hearing loss.
     "Don't tell your mom.  I don't want her to know I can hear her!"

     My dad also liked to get a candling before his hearing tests at the doctor to get a more accurate diagnosis.
     So whether your suffering from sinus or allergies or excessive wax buildup, think about ear candling.  For more info check out       http://bodylogicmassage.com/ear-candling.html