Monday, April 6, 2015

Feet & Reflexology

Ahh, a foot massage! I love getting my feet massaged. I love a good reflexology session. Some people think that a foot massage and a reflexology treatment is the same, but it is not. Reflexology is an alternative science that uses the reflex points in the feet. These points correspond to the organs in our body. 
One time, I had an aggravating pain and stiffness in my neck. A reflexologist that I had just met, convinced me to come see her.  I was leery of this modality, but my massage therapist didn't have any availability for appointments till the following week.   Within twenty minutes, my neck cracked and I was relieved of all pain!
I always include reflexology when I am massaging a client. You can tell me that your neck hurts, but the feet will tell me where the root of your problem lies!
Reflexology is not new.  It dates back thousands of years and has a history in India, Egypt, China and Native American cultures.  Here's a simple foot massage you can try on yourself or someone that will help start your reflexology treatment.  
 You say you're ticklish?  You say, "No one's going to touch my feet! "   I said the same thing.  As long as firm pressure is used, you will be fine.  I will post about reflex points later.  

  1. Rub the foot with a small amount of oil or lotion. A little peppermint or Lavender oil won't hurt if you have some. Peppermint refreshes. Lavender calms.
  2. With your thumbs, stroke top of foot from the ankle to the toes. 
  1. Stoke and pull each toe.
  2. With you fist, press with firm pressure at the heel to the toes.
  1. Stretch the foot forward then up toward the knee. Grasp the ankle with both hands.