Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marketing Your Massage Business

Marketing Your Business:
        What is the number one reason people are afraid to market
              Rejection. No one wants to talk about rejection.

Marketing is putting yourself on the line and asking someone to take up your offer.
There is a difference between personal rejection and business rejection. The following is geared toward Massage Establishments but can be applied to other business'. 

Other reasons people are afraid to market:  Shy, too many rejections, past rejections lingering in the mind.     

Why do some people choose not to get a massage:

 A bad experience can impact someone for the rest of their lives. Gain their trust. Reintroduce them to your awesome product or business.
Fear of the unknown, undressing, being vulnerable, body image fears
Money  plays a major factor in our business.  Our services are to be valued. If you have a sliding scale, a client might not be comfortable mentioning their economic situation. Try to initiate conversation leading the sliding scale fee. Offer discounts or sales.
Time can put constraints on someone’s ability to make an appointment. If they don’t have their calendar, people do not usually book as they don’t want to overbook themselves. Schedule an appointment and ask them to call you if that appointment does not work and to reschedule.  Or ask them if it’s ok to follow up in a week.
Misinformation- take this opportunity to educate.

How can you make your business experiences more productive?
Detach yourself from the outcome. We can only attempt to inform and convince but a potential client needs to make their own choice. It is out our hands.

Find the mental strength to have the ability to ask someone if they are interested in your business or product.  You then have the choice to let that rejection  get to you, tear down your self esteem and have a bad day OR take it as a simple rejection .

Your time spent marketing is NEVER wasted. You never know what seeds you have planted. Someone may come to see you a year later. They may refer someone else to you.