Monday, May 23, 2016

Rainbows in Winter

      I've seen rainbows in winter-an amazing sight. I've heard Phil Driscol's horn hit notes so high that it flew me almost to the moon! The Vermont landscapes took my breath away. Living amongst the Penguins in South Africa's stunning countryside will live in my memory forever but my son's smile as he engrossed himself in the experience will stand out as the best part of the trip.

     I've seen a plethora of the beauty and pleasures of life. Yet, nothing compares to the sight of a friend smiling. Nothing is as satisfying as hearing the laughter of my sons. When I can make someone laugh, I am as content as a kid with an ice-cream cone. Nothing compares to seeing someone I care about- smile.  

      Feel free to share how someone put a smile on your face or how you like to put smiles on others.              
how to make someone smile, happiness, share how you put a smile


Sometimes I want to cry,
So I laugh.
Sometimes I want to die,
So I live.
I don't have the time-
I do.
When I don't have a dime,
I give.
My standard protocol to balance.