Monday, September 26, 2016

Are you ready for some football?

     For once in my life, I want to play Life like a Wide Receiver- catch the football (Life) without fumbling or getting tackled and swiftly bring it to the goal (Survival)!  Wth all the titanic plays I've had to survive in my life, I'm certainly qualified!
    Addiction, my 3-year-old son kidnapped, and cancer to name a few.   These were just some of the most difficult plays for which I am grateful. Without these irritating, laborious situations, I would not be who I am.  There is strength in weakness.
      Many times people ask me, "How do you overcome?  How do you forgive? Where do you get strength?"  Without the Quarterback, God, Yeshua, I would be without direction.  Without my family and friends on my team, there would be no light.
        When I lived in Michigan where the winters were 10 below zero, if I wanted to be outside, I would prepare myself for battling the frigid weather with boots, coat, gloves and all the winter armor one needs to survive in the snowy cold.  When life knocks me down, I have prepared myself by having a relationship with God, finding strength, comfort, hope and advice in His word. It is supernatural and I do not use that word lightly.  I also have friends and family who reach out their hands and help me to my feet, a lifeline more than they will ever know.
     Today, I am exhausted from getting tackled with yet another cancer diagnosis. I am going to sit on the sidelines for awhile, then get back in the game, receive the ball and even if I just make it to the 1-yard line, I will do the victory dance!